Friday, February 25, 2011

Our brand new cover and blurb for Another Chance!

Kelli Lee Mosley and I just got the new cover art for Another Chance that will be published with Rebel Ink Press and I had to share it with everyone.  I love this so much and couldn't have asked for anything better. I think they captured Megan and Grayson on the cover. *squeee* 

Megan Mason had a fabulous family, a wonderful husband, amazing friends, a great job and a beautiful home. All she needed was a baby to make her life complete. Little did she know, however, that asking her husband for a child would end her marriage. Suffering the ultimate betrayal, Megan returns to her childhood home to rebuild her life. Grayson Burke had it all. His family’s construction company was financially sound business was booming. He loved his job and better yet, he worked with two of his best friends.  To an outsider looking in, Grayson's life probably seemed perfect.  But in reality, Grayson's dream woman wasn't only married to someone else, she was his buddies little sister which meant she was untouchable in every sense of the word. When Grayson learns that Megan is headed home, everything in his world seems to flip upside down.  There's no way he could ever approach a woman whose life has been destroyed.  Right?  And besides, his friends would kill him.  Wouldn't they?

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